Never Satisfied 

I’m not sure if this is universal for all motorcyclists or if this is an individualized issue, but I am never satisfied with my current motorcycle. Don’t get me wrong, I love my bike, but what if there is a killer deal on a different bike out there… one that could be even better? This leads me to the root of all evil and the gasoline on my ever-blazing fire; Craigslist. 


I’m always checking the tri-state area for great deals on bikes and gear.

I work in powersports so the art of wheeling-and-dealing for toys of all shapes and sizes is literally what gets me out of bed in the morning. Making an awesome trade or finding a great buy is the definition of my 9-5. I eat it up and that could contribute to the Craigslist appeal.

Maybe someone will be looking to unload their bike due to personal reasons? Perhaps I will see the last bike I owned come up for sale? Be it my next project or a new piece of gear I always feel like I need to at least check it out. 

Am I the only one who loves to scope the local classifieds? You just never know what you might find!


Springtime Rides and Summertime Plans

Ride Minnesota

Bikers on their way to the Flood Run in Red Wing Bikers on their way to the Flood Run in Red Wing

Spring is always a struggle in Minnesota. Last week we had daytime temps in the 60s and 70s, this week we saw snowflakes and rain. Makes you really appreciate good motorcycle weather.

That’s the kind of weather we had last Saturday when Ralph and I took our first two-up ride of the season. There were hundreds of bikers out, too, many of them headed for the annual Flood Run along the Mississippi. We’ve ridden the Flood Run before. It’s exciting, with 30,000 bikers roaring up and down the Minnesota and Wisconsin sides of the river. Some of them never get beyond the bars in Prescott, Wisconsin, at the beginning of the route, I’m sure.

We decided to take our own route, making a loop from Red Wing to Zumbrota and back. We tried to follow a route mentioned to…

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Parts Pile-Up

My desk at work resembles the mess that could be found on an episode of Hoarders Buried Alive. No, it isn’t that I can’t cope with the thought of disposing of a few invoices and other clutter but rather I continue to stockpile aftermarket parts and accessories. With a longer winter here in the upper Great Plains, a motorcycle enthusiast is left with entirely too much time to spend money at the parts counter.

Sometimes I wish I didn't have a discount at work...
Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a discount at work…

I absolutely love working at a motorcycle dealership, but having catalogs from Tucker Rocky and Parts Unlimited continually at my fingertips is a guaranteed recipe for spending.

These are about 25% of the catalogs on hand at all time. I quick snapped a picture between customers, but this gives you and idea of the temptation.
These are about 25% of the catalogs on hand at all time. I quick snapped a picture between customers, but this gives you an idea of the temptation.

Day dreaming of future rides and road trips coupled with 18,000 feet of showroom stocked with new “toys” on display, it is difficult to behave during my 9-6 stint. My system of purchasing and installing parts is one that I have refined over the past few years.

Yeah... this isn't dangerous to look at all day long at all...
Yeah… this isn’t dangerous to look at all day long at all…

Living in an apartment with a two-stall garage is great… But a heated two-stall garage would be better. When the daily high temperature rarely finds the single digits, wrenching in the elements isn’t much of an option. The next logical choice? Clearly I borrow a trailer from work and bribe one of my technicians with pizza and adult beverages to come and supervise while I toss my bike on his lift.

I know how fortunate I am to have this opportunity to have a shop, trailer and knowledge at my disposal but that is another thing that keeps me working at this shop. It keeps me wanting to continue being a part of this power-sports family.

Although this may not be the most fiscally responsible way of enduring the freezing temps, but as a motorcyclist, parts and accessories are just a part of the passion.

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